Julien Oeuillet is a reporter and author in both English and French languages. His work strongly reflects the influence of his bilingual and multicultural experiences.

He works as an investigative journalist and reporter. In English, his work appears mostly as articles for the daily newspapers of the Australian press group Fairfax - most notably The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age - but also in the Belgian Anglophone magazine The Brussels Times. In French, his work is mostly expressed through non-fiction books and television documentaries.

He works on a wide array of topics which have been noted for their originality. These topics include:

- The war-torn region of Kivu, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which he visited originally to write a French-language book about the work of Dr Mukwege. He has published several reports about the conflict for Fairfax.

- Belgium: its society, political crises, etc. He co-authored a French language book about his country. Fairfaix and The Brussels Times mostly ask him to write about the Francosphere (both Belgium and France) from an insider's point of view.

- The Baltic states, in particular Lithuania, a country with which he has a strong professional and personal relationship. He penned the very rare occurrence of a French-language book on Lithuania and has occasionally worked with the Lithuanian public broadcasting, LRT.

-Microstates such as Andorra and Liechtenstein, where he has explored tax evasion and experiences of local democracy. He co-directed a documentary on the topic for Belgian television, RTBF.

- Micronations such as Hutt River, Araucania (about which he co-directed another documentary), Aigues-Mortes, Flandrensis, Liberland, etc. He has published several articles about such micronations and has been invited to speak about the topic. Comparing them with actual microstates and other national oddities such as Belgian federalism, he has been praised as being one of the few journalists reporting seriously on the phenomenon.

Julien has been a lecturer on the above topics for conferences held in English and French languages in Belgium, France, Lithuania, and Italy. He himself has been interviewed countless times by media in Belgium, France, Lithuania, Switzerland, and even the New York Times.

As an author, he has published novels and short stories in both English and French languages. His first novel was nominated for the International Senghor Prize, awarded to first-time publications in French. His literary work has been hailed locally in Belgium and has been noted for being closer to anglophone literature than its native counterpart.

Julien has also been involved in many other collaborations. He has worked on the adaptation of French documentaries into English. He worked at a publishing house in Wallonia. Originally a Law graduate, he still works for publications dedicated to lawyers. He has also taught journalism classes in Brussels, focusing on Belgian society and politics.

For any request please send an e-mail to viki (at) oeuillet.be


Lituanie, les Feux de Pierre, essay, Editions Nevicata (Bruxelles) (2015)

Le Business des Vanités, essay, Editions du Moment (Paris) (2015)

Panzi, essay, Editions du Moment (Paris), co-written with Dr Denis Mukwege & Dr Guy-Bernard Cadière (2014)

Small is beautiful, documentary movie, a RTBF/MediaRes co-production, co-directed with Philippe Dutilleul (2013)

Ils sont fous ces belges!, (“Those Belgians are crazy”), essay, Editions du Moment (Paris), co-written with Philippe Dutilleul (2013)

Monseigneur et les Indiens, (“Milord and the natives”), documentary movie, a RTBF/France 3/Mosaïque Films/MediaRes co-production, co-directed with Philippe Dutilleul and Martin Ducros (2012)

Max, novel, Editions Myriapode (Bordeaux), (2011)

Revolution Motel, novel, Editions de Vinelande (Brussels), (2010)